About Us

Harold and Donna Oberschlake have served the Lord since 1973.

Love and Faith Christian Fellowship
The Oberschlakes attended Love and Faith Christian Fellowship for seventeen years.  During this time, Dr. Michael Murray asked the Oberschlakes to establish and direct a Ministry Team, which was responsible for ministering at the altar to the congregation of 1500-1800 people.

Pablo Bottari and Carlos Annacondia
In 1997, Harold and Donna were trained in a very pastoral method of inner healing and deliverance by Pablo Bottari. For many years, Bottari served as overseer of the deliverance ministry of Argentine evangelist Carlos Annacondia, who has seen millions come to Christ. The ongoing Argentina Revival, of which Annacondia is a leader, is one of the greatest church movements of the 20th Century. From these experiences, Bottari is recognized worldwide as a time-tested, battle-sharpened general in helping hurting people learn how to walk in freedom. Over the next several years, Harold was taught by Bottari. During this time, Harold was ordained as an itinerant minister. He started traveling and teaching these ministries to other churches.

Open Heaven Ministries
In January 2004, Harold and Donna founded their ministry, Open Heaven Ministries. God has sent Harold around the world - Mexico, Philippines, Haiti and Brazil - where he has experienced signs, wonders, and miracles. Today, Harold holds training seminars to help Christians understand how to be more effective in praying for hurting people, whether in the Church or in everyday life. He helps churches establish and train ministry teams and frequently serves as a guest speaker. Harold and Donna continue to desire the “more of God” and want to share it everywhere they go. They have a compelling desire to see Christians “be” the Church. Attending church is very important, but there is much more to the Christian walk than that alone. They love to see Christians find freedom and a deeper relationship with Jesus. Their heart's deepest desire is to host the presence of the Lord, to experience His presence, and to facilitate others in experiencing Him. They have had the wonderful privilege of watching many lives impacted by the transforming power of God! With great expectation, Harold and Donna look forward to what is ahead!

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